About Us

For over thirty-five years our management team has worked in manufacturing and distribution.

Early on, the Tru-Spot Portable Center Drill Machine has been a consistent favorite with customers around the world, providing manufacturers with a quick and easy way to center drill bar stock.

Prototype work started on the Easy-Set Vise Jaws with built-in adjustable parallels.
These jaws fit Kurt style milling vises. In 2004, U.S. Patent No. 6,783,123 was issued.

We became the representative for Stevens Engineering, a leader in Modular Fixturing Systems.
Subplates – Tombstones – Angle Plates – Vise Products – 4th Axis Fixturing – Custom Fixturing

Our latest product the CornerStone Split V-Blocks became an instant hit, providing customers the option to setup round parts for secondary operations on either a subplate or the machine table.

Machining Technology, Inc. brings years of experience in the industry to help manufacturers and distributors excel in the market place and we strive to provide our customers with exceptional quality and service.