About Us

Personal Resume

Tom Guimont started his career in the industrial supply business as a driver for a local supply company and in shipping and receiving. He worked for another supply company in inside sales and eventually outside sales, starting to work more with cutting tools.

Tom was hired by a corporation to combine two supply companies, one full line industrial supply which was being purchased, and a more specialized sales company. Tom was hired as general manager, at age twenty-five.

Tom started his own industrial distribution company to serve the metalworking industry, at age twenty-seven.

In 2000, Tom purchased one of his customer's machine shop, which provided machined parts for many industries including: furnace parts and flanges for the steel mill industry and tubesheets for the heat exchanger business, for companies like U.S. Steel, Mital Steel, Anheuser Busch, NIPSCO, Commonwealth Edison, Midwest Generation. Other industries serviced include parts for the medical sterilizing field, government radiation detectors, and HVAC testing components.

Prototype work started on the Easy-Set Vise Jaws with built-in adjustable parallels. These jaws fit Kurt style milling vises. In 2004, U.S. Patent No. 6,783,123 was issued.

Today, Machining Technology, Inc. brings years of experience in the industry to help manufacturers and distributors excel in the market place. Our goal has always been to associate ourselves with quality people and products. We represent only the major manufacturers and work with the ones who will support us and our customers.